Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween party@

We had a Halloween party the other day.
Our students came to the school in the morning and changed into their costumes before class.
We had lessons in our costumes.☆★☆★
There were a bat, an angel and witch...
We finished the class a little early and made pumpkin cupcakes together.

We made the face parts with the pumkin peel.
They were all weaing serious expressions while they were making them.
Hopefully they try Kanji and Katakana test as hard!
After making the sweets, we had a scavenger hunt.
They looked for cards with sculls in the school.

One of them tried to hide a card to avoid the other team from finding it.....
After finishing the scavenger hunt , we had a quiz show!
They all did a great job!!
They were having problems writing countries in Katakana and something in Hiragana......why??
What are you doing at school everyday!!!
I'm glad they were having a good time together, anyway^^

Teachers looked frustrated because they wanted to give clues but they couldn't.....
The winners won a prize and the party ended^-^
I hope the next year's Halloween party will be even more fun and great^^!!

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