Friday, February 17, 2012

Ehoh-maki and Fukuwarai

We held an event on Feb 10th.
We made 'Ehoh-maki'which is a special rolled sushi in dried laver seaweed we eat on Setsubun,Feb 3rd.
We also played 'Fukuwarai'.
It is one of traditional games we play in new year.
We didn't have time to play it in the last-month event,so I decided to enjoy the game with our students this time instead.
Dscf0029 Dscf0031
It was exciting and we all enjoyed it very much.
Dscf0038 Dscf0039_2
The students were separated into several teams.
Fukuwarai is a game to make a face, putting face parts one by one, without looking.
One person put a blindfold over the eyes and the others tell where he/she should put the face parts.
We made a rule that the other teams can tell wrong directions to disturb the person.
They were so loud that I guess the players couldn't hear thier teammate's voice...


I'm so sorry for using the famous TV entertainers' faces....
Haruka Ayase, Keisuke Kuwata, Matsuko Delax, Takuya Kimura....
Their face can't be recognized anymore..

And we played S.H.J. Special Karuta after that.
Dscf0049  Dscf0052

And then, we ate Ehoh-maki!
I tried to make A LOT of steamed rice for the students, and it turned into a fiasco.
The rice wasn't cooked enough, though I used a rice cooker...
I'm a bad.. bad cooker:-(
Our students were smiling wryly...;
I've never made such a lot of rice before.. that's why it didn't go well......
But the other teachers tried to make the rice softer with a microwave and it got better.
I'm so sorry,everyone!!
Dscf0068 Dscf0072  Ei-san is very clever with her hands.
They were all good at rolling rice!
Dscf0071 They rolled things as they like.
Dscf0082 Kyu-san's. I really want to see it cut, but Ehoh-maki isn't supposed to be cut...
Ujjwal-san looks very serious.     Dscf0079

We were supposed to eat the rolled sushi looking in north-northwest and eat without a word.
Dscf0085    Dscf0086

An acquaintance of ours saw it from the street in front of the school and told me
' I saw you eating Ehoh-maki today!'
The Fukuwarai made by students is put on the board just outside of the school
and many passers-by seem to look at it with interests:-D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New year party 2012

We had a ricecake party on January 18th.
We talked about how Japanese people spend new year,and studied the Japanese names of the ingredients before cooking.

We shared the chores,cutting a small sitrus fruit,cutting some Japanese radish and carrots,
baking ricecake and so on.

Dscf1674Sua-san cutting a sitrus fruit behind people chatting.

Dscf1672Sou-san making spicy cod roe with mayo.

Dung-san looks cool with a nife in his hand.Dscf1684

Dscf1699Jinsup-san prepareing soy source for ricecake.

And here we have Ozouni!Img_4655

Some of them had heard of it,but never had a chance to eat before.
I hope it was a good Japanese culture experience for them.


We also had New year dishes from other countries.

Korean OzouniDscf1783       Taiwanese OzouniDscf1714

and Vietnamese sweetsDscf1697

They all tasted nice in different ways.
Dscf1777   Dscf1778
Dscf1779   Dscf1780

I tink, well...I hope I've lost the weight I gained during New year's holidays.

January 31st, 2012

Happy new year!

It's first time to write something this year.
I'm sorry for being away for a while.
Our shool's director and principal went to Meiji shrine the other day.
They brought back a miniture of the shrine,god of study,and now we have it at the reception.
Our students seem to be very interested in it.
We had snow in Tokyo yesterday.
Dung-san and Nam-san from Vietnam saw snow for the first time and got excited,saying
'Sensei!Let's have a snowball fight!'
I was actually a little scared by the thougt that they might throw it very hard to me,
with the hates for the tests I give them:-0...
We usually have more snow in February.
We might have a lot of snow this year,since it snowed a few times already.
The snow on the road got frozen and very slippery.
We might be able to skate....
Everyone,please mind your step.

January 24th,2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas party 2011

We had a christmas party at our school on Dec 15th.
Every student was given each role like a receptionist,a host,a performance leader and a waiter.
Their friends and Japanese university students were coming and they were excited practising their program,giving ideas about snacks and serving drinks as a bartender.
We had a great time!
Photo      Photo  Photo

Our students played 'Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer'with water-filled glasses.
They were singing while plyaying it in rehearsal,but too nervous to sing in the

The sound was sweet and beautiful.
Photo  Photo

One of our teacher sang JAZZ christmas song accompanied by our principal,Mr.Honda and Mr.Idemoto on the guitar and Ms.Hosaka on the violin.


It made the atomosphere very CHRISTMAS!

The winner of the photo contest in fall had been decided and awarded during the party.
No.8 by Bogyeoung-san was in the first place

Photo  Photo

and No.1 by Haeseong-san was in the second.
Photo  Photo
The prizes were rice 5kg and 1kg.
It is very practical and nothing like Chritmas but they seemed happy to have it.
Thank you very much for your cooporation to the contrst.
We,teathers also entertained the guests by dancing Heavy rotation'by AKB48 and 'GEE' by Girls generation. We secretly practised it after class.
The performance was better than any rehearsals.
Teachers are used to doing something in public,I guess.
The audience was very excited about men dancing like girls!

Photo  Photo

There are some people coming in front of the video to take pictures and video.
I'll ask students to get the video and upload it.
I hope you can feel the excitement by the sound.
Actually teachers were the ones who enjoyed it the most.

We sang 'Jingle bell world ver.' in the end of the party.
Lyric was given to everyone and we sang together in the languages of our students.

Photo  Photo  Photo

I want to introduce the part 'Jingle bell Jingle bell' in each language.

Korean: Cheonsori Ulryora
Chinese: DingDingdan Dingdingdan
Vietnamese:Dangdingdon Dangdingdon

Some people were reluctant to leave the party and kept enjoying drinking and singing.

'Champs Elysees'by Mr.Idemoto,which we are considering as our new school song.

Photo  Photo

I hope all the people there were having fun.
Thank you for coming and cooporating.
We will definitely have a christmas party next year,too!