Monday, November 15, 2010

A souvenir from Russia

It's getting cold here in Tokyo.
Some students caught a cold from the dryness and weather change.

Our principal went to Moscow in Russia the other day.
It seems to snow a lot there....He said it was hard to speak in the chill.
It's difficult to imagine such coldness for the people who grew up in Tokyo like me.
Well, he bought us a souvenir,anyway.
What comes to mind when you talk about Russian souvenirs???

This is it! istn't it??

He found Mtryoshka of Honda,the soccer player from Japan,
but since our teachers like cats he bought this.
It's very colorful and nice, isnt't it?

Open it!! then....
A little smaller cat appears.
And open it again...then...
Even smaller cat comes out.
Each cats wear different clothes.SO cute!
When it comes to Russia, we thing of  "Matryoshka"
Japan, Manekineko.
South Korea, sea weed.
Canada,maple syrup.
Finland,Santa Claus!!
It's like "Association Game"^^
He bought us an ornament for our school.
It looks like Santa Claus but it isnt...


Is it a dog on his back??
It looks so cute in his backpack^^

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