Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Program 2011

It's been a while since I last wrote somethhing here.

The summer program has started!
I expected the weather to be very hot and thought I would have a hard time taking students around.
But.. I didn't know it can be such cool in summer here. Well, 'cool' might be too exaggerated, but
still it's much better than last year.
Photo Our students asking  a police officer for directions
Photo In front of a crepe shop
 Disney Sea!!

She's holding a ticket case.
They bought a lot of things which can be purchased only in Disney.
To see the parade of this summer, you definitely needed a towel.
They threw water on spectators A LOT.
Photo They are going to ride on something scarylol

Photo Tea ceremony
Photo Ujjwal-san from Nepal. He's saying 'My right hand hurts.'
and Yukata.

They have sweet smile on their faces, but actually they were saying some complaints, too:-)
' It's difficult to walk.' ' Too tight to eat something..'
I hope they still liked Yukata:-D


Photo We also went to Fujikyu-Highland.
They were telling me they were not scared, but I doubt so.
They were shouting 'NOOOOOOO' , ' I'M SOOOORRYYY' or something like that.
I had a cold at that time and my voice was hoarse, but I still made some shouts while riding.
I guess now I know why my voice doesn't get better.
Our students for summer program seem to be having a good time.
That's all that matters to me:-)

August 2nd,2011

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