Monday, July 18, 2011

Star festival

ささのはさらさら のきばにゆれるnotes
おほしさまきらきら きんぎんすなごnotes

ごしきのたんざく わたしがかいたnotes
おほしさまきらきら そらからみてるnotes
July 7th was a day called 'the star festival' in Japan.
I heard that the story was introduced into Japan from China.
There are a woman called 'Orihime' and a man called 'Hikoboshi' across the river and they can see
each other only once a year.
Let me skip the details....
Our students wrote down their wish and decorated on the bamboo leaves which we borrowed from
Japan Electronics college.

They were supposed to write only one wish,but didn't listened to me...:-(
I glanced at the paper amd found so many kinds of wishes.
' I want my family to keep their health.'
' I want a pretty Japanese girl friend.'
' I want to be successful.'
' I want to join Gekidan Shiki.'

' I want to enjoy taking a walk in Japan.'

I wrote a wish for myself,too.
' I want to meet great students and teachers.'
And ofcourse I also wished the rivival of Japan.

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