Tuesday, September 20, 2011


shine笑いと平和shine ~世界の小話(笑いのツボはこんなにちがう!?)」
I've attended several events recently.
On September 1st, I went to a lecture ' Laugh and peace' by none other than Akira Ikegami.
He is a very famous jarnalist in Japan.
It was very interesting to hear some stories about people from other countries.
Some were social, had black humor and others were just simply fun.
I personally liked the one about Chinggis Khan.
It was like this.
There was a child who does nothing but play all the time.
The father of the child said 'Why don't you stop playing and do something!?When Chinggis Khan was
about your age, he was already ruling this country!'
Then the child said 'Then when he was about your age, he was ruling about the half of the world!'


I was thrilled by the child's counterattack:-D
All the stories were very fun.
I was also surprised at them speaking Japanese fluently.

And on September 4th, I went to a Wadaiko, Japanese drum, lesson for Japanese teachers.


I enjoyed it very much since I love festivals and had been interested in playing Japanese drums.
When the instructor played it, I could feel the vibration and rhythm through my body.
I wanted to shout 'Seiya!!!' like Japanese drummer usually say, but all I could do was just following
the rhythm.
My whole body is aching today:-(

September 5th, 2011

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