Tuesday, September 20, 2011

After the end-of-term test

The breeze in the morning and evening is cool and I feel a little of autum.
It was the day of the harvest moon yesterday.
I could see the full moon clearly.
In Japan and Korea, we see rabits pounding mochi in the full moon.
I heard that people see a person walking in that in Western countries.
Each county has each way of view.

It's very hot these days.The late summer heat is again severe this year.
It was 34 degree centigrade today in Tokyo.
When I was little, it was already cool in the middle of September, but it's getting hotter and hotter every year.

We had an end-of-term exam on September 9th.
The results were.. well , I don't mention it now.
Our students are already thinking about the autum breaks.
The bulletin board in front of the school is full of autum, too.

I made it Shiritori, a word game, but some of them are not quite autum words.
I'm thinking very hard to make and decorate this bulletin board every time.

The other day, I used pictures to introduce the expression'~to omoimasu' in the class.
Can you tell what they are?
They are all something you daily use.

1.Photo    2.
3.Photo    4.

Photo5.Photo   6.

I'll tell you the answers next time^^

September 13th,2011

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