Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo contest 2011 fall


It's getting colder day by day.
It seems to skip autumn and go straight to winter.
It was like summer a little while ago, but now it's chilly and can't go out without a coat.
I can't believe that I was saying 'It's too hot!!!!' till a few months ago.
I guess I'll be saying that I can't believe I was saying ' It's too cold!!!' when summer comes.
I love Japanese 4 seasons.

We had an autumn photo contest on 15th Nov.
We walked around 'Jingu Gaien' to find something to shoot.

It's cold AFTER 15th, but it wasn't that cold then and the leaves weren't really yellow.

Still, our students were trying to find something autumn-like......
Photo   Photo seriously:-D

It's interesting to look one to the other. Everyone has each way to take photos with different angle and
view point.
Ginkoes weren't yellowish enough, so it didn't look the same with the scene which appears in dramas often.

But they seemed to relax going out and talking to others and reflesh before JLPT.
Photo  I wrote SHJ with leaves.

We've gotta concentrate on the test from now!!
We have a trial examination on monday.
I hope the students can get enough scores to pass the level they're going to take.
Oh, and I will put up the photos in the contest later.
Some of them can't deside which one to place on display...

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