Monday, November 7, 2011

JLS Student's Festival 2011

There was a festival for students of Japanese language schools this month.
3,500 people came to Ikebukuro to join the event!

The place was bigger than last year, but still it was hard to squeeze my way through the crowd.
I heard that less students want to come to Japan to study after the earthquake,but it didn't seem so.
Photo Our students appeared on the Kimono show!!
Ujjwal san and Ingul san:-D They both looked great!!!

PhotoPhoto Eunhyun san looked beautiful.
It was a 'SHOW' ,so they walked on a runway and stroke a pose.

I didn't know Sou san was such good at Origami.
Sua san learning how to make a heart from Sou san.
I wonder why Sou san chose black to make hearts....

Photo Nam san could make a beautiful crane.
They are all clever with their hands:-)

They also tried Shamisen and Koto.
Photo Photo

Nam san and Sou san have a good musical sense!

Ujjwal san having a counseling with Lakeland university,
He's interested in studying in English at university in Japan.
He also went to ask several other universities and vocational schools about Infant education, design and
so on.
I hope our students could be a little clear about their future and had a lot of fun there!

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  1. yes, sense i want to study in english at university in japan...looks like difficult...but working with intense power so i could see my dreams come true..