Friday, February 17, 2012

Ehoh-maki and Fukuwarai

We held an event on Feb 10th.
We made 'Ehoh-maki'which is a special rolled sushi in dried laver seaweed we eat on Setsubun,Feb 3rd.
We also played 'Fukuwarai'.
It is one of traditional games we play in new year.
We didn't have time to play it in the last-month event,so I decided to enjoy the game with our students this time instead.
Dscf0029 Dscf0031
It was exciting and we all enjoyed it very much.
Dscf0038 Dscf0039_2
The students were separated into several teams.
Fukuwarai is a game to make a face, putting face parts one by one, without looking.
One person put a blindfold over the eyes and the others tell where he/she should put the face parts.
We made a rule that the other teams can tell wrong directions to disturb the person.
They were so loud that I guess the players couldn't hear thier teammate's voice...


I'm so sorry for using the famous TV entertainers' faces....
Haruka Ayase, Keisuke Kuwata, Matsuko Delax, Takuya Kimura....
Their face can't be recognized anymore..

And we played S.H.J. Special Karuta after that.
Dscf0049  Dscf0052

And then, we ate Ehoh-maki!
I tried to make A LOT of steamed rice for the students, and it turned into a fiasco.
The rice wasn't cooked enough, though I used a rice cooker...
I'm a bad.. bad cooker:-(
Our students were smiling wryly...;
I've never made such a lot of rice before.. that's why it didn't go well......
But the other teachers tried to make the rice softer with a microwave and it got better.
I'm so sorry,everyone!!
Dscf0068 Dscf0072  Ei-san is very clever with her hands.
They were all good at rolling rice!
Dscf0071 They rolled things as they like.
Dscf0082 Kyu-san's. I really want to see it cut, but Ehoh-maki isn't supposed to be cut...
Ujjwal-san looks very serious.     Dscf0079

We were supposed to eat the rolled sushi looking in north-northwest and eat without a word.
Dscf0085    Dscf0086

An acquaintance of ours saw it from the street in front of the school and told me
' I saw you eating Ehoh-maki today!'
The Fukuwarai made by students is put on the board just outside of the school
and many passers-by seem to look at it with interests:-D

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