Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy new year!

It's first time to write something this year.
I'm sorry for being away for a while.
Our shool's director and principal went to Meiji shrine the other day.
They brought back a miniture of the shrine,god of study,and now we have it at the reception.
Our students seem to be very interested in it.
We had snow in Tokyo yesterday.
Dung-san and Nam-san from Vietnam saw snow for the first time and got excited,saying
'Sensei!Let's have a snowball fight!'
I was actually a little scared by the thougt that they might throw it very hard to me,
with the hates for the tests I give them:-0...
We usually have more snow in February.
We might have a lot of snow this year,since it snowed a few times already.
The snow on the road got frozen and very slippery.
We might be able to skate....
Everyone,please mind your step.

January 24th,2012

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