Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New year party 2012

We had a ricecake party on January 18th.
We talked about how Japanese people spend new year,and studied the Japanese names of the ingredients before cooking.

We shared the chores,cutting a small sitrus fruit,cutting some Japanese radish and carrots,
baking ricecake and so on.

Dscf1674Sua-san cutting a sitrus fruit behind people chatting.

Dscf1672Sou-san making spicy cod roe with mayo.

Dung-san looks cool with a nife in his hand.Dscf1684

Dscf1699Jinsup-san prepareing soy source for ricecake.

And here we have Ozouni!Img_4655

Some of them had heard of it,but never had a chance to eat before.
I hope it was a good Japanese culture experience for them.


We also had New year dishes from other countries.

Korean OzouniDscf1783       Taiwanese OzouniDscf1714

and Vietnamese sweetsDscf1697

They all tasted nice in different ways.
Dscf1777   Dscf1778
Dscf1779   Dscf1780

I tink, well...I hope I've lost the weight I gained during New year's holidays.

January 31st, 2012

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