Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sports Festival

It's already December. Can you believe that the new year's coming soon?
Time flies.

We had a sports festival last month.
It wasn't like something big like a soccer or tennis game.
We just did running and throwing balls in a classroom.
Our students needed to use Japanese in the game and
they said it was rather hard^^;;;

1.Read Hiragana correctly!( and run )
 「ばぱ」「はば」「ぱは」や「しゃひゃ」「ぴゃちゃ」 and so on..


They definitely know it but can't say properly..
They think thye are saying it correctly but their partner doesn't understand..
Even intermediate students had a difficulty in the game;
THAT'S what we wanted!
For the teacher who made it, it was amusing.
'See??It's difficult,isn't it!?' ...........^^

2.Find our teachers!

This game is to find teachers in the various pictures.
I had a lot of fun to make these.
The people who are UNNATURALLY in the pictures are our teachers.
Ms.Pop from Thailand was surprisingly quick to find them.

3. Throw and Catch
This game was very simple but difficult.
They crumpled paper into balls and throw them into wastebaskets.
It was hard for the people who catch them with the baskets too.
They had to put the baskets on their backs.

After the game, we did 茶道 ' the tea ceremony'.
You say ‘お先にいただきます。’to the person sitting next to you.
It means..' Sorry for drinking before you.'
The tea for ceremony is very bitter.
PhotoMs.Pop from Thailand had a frown on her face^^
Some students and our principal tried making tea by themselves.
It seemed quite hard for them.
Just drinking tea someone made for you is the best thing, I guess^^
Ms.Cho from Taiwan and                                       our principal!

Japanese traditional green tea is great after all.
But for the students, what they cared the most was...the prize for the winners.
They are looking in the prize bag.
What's inside??You'll see....^^

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