Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas party!

2010 is almost over.
This blog was meant to be updated once a week,
but you can see how difficult to do it such often!

The atmosphere is not like Christmas anymore,but
since it's still December,I'm going to write about
the christmas party we had at school.
I don't know if I can call it a party because there were
only few students and teacher there.
We had pizza and juice while enjoying small talk.
We ofcourse played some games,too.

The first game was ' Word association game'
The original words were ' School', 'Tokyo' and 'Christmas'!
There were people from several countries, so their idea was different.
Some think the word is associated, but the others don't.
They were all a little shy and passive. I guess it's because they were from Asian countries?

The second game was ' Let's switch the role'.
Usually teachers teach students, (though teachers learn things from students,too.)
but in this game, students taught teachers. Interesting,isn't it?
The students taught how to say the words from' minnano nihongo1 Lesson1'in their own language.
I was dissapointed at myself...
Was I such poor at remembering things?
It was very easy expression, but everything was over my head.
It would be even more fun if there were students from Western countries,too.
Though I'm not sure I could handle it....

It was very interesting to see students teaching teachers.
All of them were great teachers!
I'm relieved that they don't hate us for difficult tests we set them!
Junsin(from Taiwan) and Inseon(from Sounth Korea) look so cute with the red round noses.

Junsin has a humor,too.
Santa is climbing the christmas tree.↓
Santa doesn't climb up trees.^^..!

Every year,I go to a temple to strike a bell on Dec 31st, and
buy the written oracle on Jan 1st.
Last year, it said I would have the best luck this year!
Well.. as it said, I guess it was  a satisfactory year.
Hope I'll get the ' best luck' next year, too^^
Have a happy new year!!


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