Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rice cake (MOCHI) party^^

We call new year ' SHOGATSU'.
When I hear the word, the first thing that come into my mind is rice cake,in Japanese 'MOCHI'.
So we had a rice cake party at school^^
And, we also had fried vegitables together. Please don't ask why..
It was just easy to cook and without a proper kitchen, we couldn't do anything else.
Well, anyway our students ate them all, so it means it was good after all^^
Photo We can almost hear what they say from the picture..'Isn't it coming up yet?'
 Miss Chin from Taiwan and Miss Pop from Thailand.

Photo   'The rice cake looks good!' Miss Cho from Taiwan.

We had quite a few kinds of taste for MOCHI.
Photo  ' I like this one the best!' Miss Shokin from Taiwan.

Photo Miss Inseon from South Korea was always the first person to notice
when the rice cake should be flipped over.
Photo Miss Keimin from Taiwan is trying 'ISOBE' which is MOCHI with seaweed.

It takes a little time to cook MOCHI.
We were a little sorry for them waiting ,though they were very hungry.
After eating the meal, we played games as usual.
Photo 'Hukuwarai' is one of the new year's games in Japan.
Photo The rule is simple. There are pieces of face parts and what you need to do is place it on the face sheet with
your eyes blinded. The others  try to lead the player to put the pieces on the correct place by saying 'Right, left, up and down.'

 But the difficult thing was the our special optional rule.
The people from the other teams could try to avoid the player from placing them right.

There were 4 groups and each group had 3 or 4 students.
They were quiet while eating and listening to the teacher explaining the rule.
But once the game started... we didn't know how noisy they could be!

The pictures below are the arts they made.
Photo I'm sorry for them and their fans.



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