Monday, January 31, 2011

Students from South Korea

Some Korean students who came to see Nihon Denshi vocational school in Shinjuku stopped by our school
on the 17th of Jan.

They had a model lesson in Japanese taught by Japanese teacher.
They are studying animation as a major at their school in Korea.
When I asked them what they liked, many of the answers were titles of animation.
I don't know anything about the latest ones.
I only know 'Garasu no kamen' ' Hana yori dango' and 'Slum dunk'.
They knew about Japanese animation much better than I did.
Many of them also liked computer games. It seems there are a lot of kinds in South Korea.
What I couldn't believe was that some of them are playing games for more than 10 hours!
 I can sleep for 10 hours, but can't concentrate on doing something like that.
It reminded me of some old memories.
When I was a child, my friend's mother used to say 'If you play video games too much,
your thumb will get bigger!' 

From the way the korean students talked, I felt they really liked Japanese animations.
When the foreign students go to Japanese vocational schools and universities,
'the difference of the culture' is pretty big problem even for students from Asia.
You understand the language from their culture and you will see the culture from their language.
If you want to come to Japan for further education, I recommend you to study ' Language and culture' first.
And we are always welcome to have you here^^!

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