Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tohoku Earthquake,March 11th,2011

4 days have past since the massive earthquake hit Japan.
When it happend, our principal and I were on our way to a bookstore in Takadanobaba.
We were outside and barely able to stand still.
It was first time in my life to experience such a big shake.
We had water and bread at school and the building was fortunately unharmed.
It seems they have got big damages in Tohoku area.
As for the people in Kanto, we are trying to save electrocity and being through regular blackouts.
Chiba, the city I live in, is no exception.
But TV proglams and internet telk us when it happens, so I'm ready for it.
I've taken out some aroma candles that I used to like, also the normal ones from someone's barthday
and even the ones from Buddhist altar.
At supermarkets, there are long lines of the people to buy some emargency food.
Most people just get within the minimum nessesary, and don't buy too much,
thinking of the other people who need them,too.
The ATMs were out of order after the shake, but we can use them now.
The gas stations are full of cars.I've never seen such a lot of cars are making lines to get gas.
I heard that bikes and sneakers were sold out everywhere in Tokyo on the day this disaster happened.
We are still not sure what happens next, but time just goes by without asking us.
The plum trees in Yushima-tenjin were in full bloom when I went there early this month.
The cherry blossoms will start blooming soon.
I hope our life will be stable when they flower and
always wish the people who are suffering from the worst clamity ever
to feel the warmness of the spring.

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