Monday, February 28, 2011

Takoyaki party

The monthly event for February was 'Takoyaki party'.
Takoyaki is a kind of dumplings with octopus in it.
We only prepared some special flour for Takoyaki, octopus and cabage,
and each student brought something they wanted to put in it.
Photo We competed which one tasted the best.
Photo Only Jonathan is looking at the camera.
Photo She brought Kimuchi,                     and this one,she's making Tuna cone takoyaki.
Photo Someone brought pork, sausage and cheese.
A girl from Thailand tried adding Tomyamgoon powder and sauce made by her.
Photo Pop's work^^
Photo Yuria brought some cheese and sweets from Russia.
The cheese was very rich and the cherry sweets made us happy.
Photo Takoyaki with kimuchi.
Photo They thought over to make it round^^;
They shouldn't be used to making Takoyaki,but they were like professionals
with bamboo skewer in their hands twirling it.

Photo He looks like Japanese from Osaka. * Takoyaki is Osaka's specialty.

Inseon from South Korea and Pop from Thailand got the same points for their Takoyaki and
did rock paper scissors.
Photo The winner was Inseon^^

I almost burnt my tongue with sausage, but it was nice after all.
Photo After that, we played a game' S.H.J Karuta'.
S.H.J staff made it.
It was about our teachers and students or some questions from a textbook 'Genki'.
I guess they didn't really have difficulty in finding answers.

PhotoPhoto                               I was the one who slapped it first! 
                                                                                                  ,saying Inseon.

They were so excited.
We made some rules to make it difficult and fair, turning around to take it or putting their hands on the head.
Pop was surprisingly quick to take the cards and won the game.
Photo She got 16 cards out of 46!

It was such a fun to cook Takoyaki together, but it would be difficult to do it at home;;;
I hope we can have the party again^^
The ones who lost should think hard about the ingredients to win next time.
But please don't bring something which doesn't match with Takoyaki, like chocolate..

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