Monday, April 4, 2011

After the earthquake

It's been a week from the earthquake.
I'm getting used to the unusual things like saving erectrocity and other stuff.
How to shop is also different from the days before.

Now I know how many things we need to live conveniently like before.
My father used to turn on the TV and the lights all day,but as soon as he heard
we needed to save electrocity, he began to turn off the electrical appliances.

Though we were under the same roof ,We used to spend time in different rooms,
my father working in his study,my mother reading a book in the next room,
my sister playing with her child in the other room, my brother working with a computer there,
and me, again working in a different room.
We stay in the same room now because of the regular black-out.
Of course we are worried about each other, but it makes us to save the electrocity.
Now we talk more because of the shortage of the electrocity.

I just thank everything now I have.

I heard the overseas news about the disaster is too exaggerated.
Some say ' Japan is now in the red zone area.' and others say ' Japan is going to sink,or South Korea
will be infected by the radiation.'
But actually it's not true. We have quite ordinary life in Tokyo.

Our principal and I took a video around Shin-Okubo the other day.
He also shooted a supermarket on weekend in Kiba, Tokyo.

We still have some inconvenience things,but live normaly.
I want people to tell that.
Personally I wanted to take a video around my house, but it's suburban and there's few people
even before the shake.
I could see even less people now..;

I'll write more next time, so please check it up^^

March 21st,2011

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