Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Met students graduated from our school!!

 Mr.Honda, our principal, went to Sounth Korea and I went to Taiwan for the first time after the earthquake.
It seems different what they tell in the news in each country.
I noticed that people are taking the news about Japan differently, some think they are exaggerated,
others take it seriously and think Japan is in a crucial phase. There are also people who think
Japan is just as same as before.

After the business, Mr. Honda met Mr.Park,our school's student.

Our principal gave him a certificate and assignments for the lessons which couldn't be done
after the shake.
Noone can run away from homework...

And I met Ms.Lin, Koan,Shokin,and Keimin.

I rode in the back seat of a mortorcycle! It was first time for me to experience that.
It was a little scary but fun!
Koan san drove very carefully seeing me scared.
I really enjoyed Taiwanese dishes.

We ate stir-fried vegetables and dumplings.

I went to a night market with Lin san and this was for about 600yen.
You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it's actually very big.

I was going to write about our school, but couldn't help telling about the dishes in Taiwan.
It is very nice to eat foreign food with students who I haven't met for a while.
It makes the meal even more delicious.

April 5th

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