Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring in Japan

Spring has come.Cherry blossoms bloomed and fell.
It's supposed to be warm by now.....but....why is it such cold here?
It's about 17 centigrade in Tokyo.
If you only looked at the number, you would say ' It's warm enough!'..
But actually it's still a litte chilly.
Cherry blossoms started blooming in the beginning of April and fell very quickly.

This picture was taken by our teacher, Ms.Tsunashima.

It's been a while to update this blog;;;
During my absent from here,our president went to China.
Mr.Honda went to South Korea, Vietnam and Russia.
I went to Taiwan and Nepal.
Our principal told me that there was still some snow left in Russia.
Photo An airport in Russia. Looks nice.
I heard that they had sleet while he was there.
Photo  A BIG building.
Photo and a BIG square!!!!
Everything is largh-scale. Japan is a very small country, and especially in Tokyo, we don't have
enough room for that.
Photo In Nepal, it seems this year is 'Tourism Year'.
Photo The city was very lively.

Photo It was a stimulating business trip.

I'm going to Taiwan and join an orientation and after that, I'm going to Thailand.
I'm so excited to see Ms.Pop, our school's student, in her country.

April 22nd

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