Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's the first day of July today. The rainy season hasn't finished here in Japan,
but it's like summer already. Not only because it's July now, but also because
it's been so hot these days.
Last year, it was unbelievably hot. I hope it will be cooler and less humid this year...
It's kind of a serious problem since we need to economize on electricity this summer.
I've never seen Tokyo people trying to save electricity such seriously before.
When I went to buy an electric fan, there were so many people gathering to buy one.
I heard that some of electorical stores are out of them now.
I think it's a very good thing to try to save electrocity^^
It's been years since Japanese government started 'Cool Biz' , trying to let people wear something more
casual and cool on business in summer. It's been fruitless, but this year.
It seems many companies are now introducing it to reduce their electricity use.
I myself am trying to use an electric fan as often as possible to cut it down.

The sad thing is some fireworks festivals have been called off because of the disaster that
happend on March,11th. I think they shouldn't cancel that kind of things especially in times like this.
I heard firework makers are having really hard time by that.


 Beautiful, isn't it? Tokyo bay fireworks festival isn't going to be held this year, but Sumida river fireworks festival is. I'm looking forward to watching Tokyo bay's one every year, so I'm very dissapointed.
If you want to know where and when fireworks displays are held, you can find out from the page below.

Summer comes only once a year. We should fully enjoy it!!

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