Monday, October 3, 2011

A party with Japanese university students

We had the monthly event the other day.
It was the last activity in this term.
I'm sorry for taking time to update the blog every time.
The event was awesome.
I myself really enjoyed it,though it's meant to entertain students,not teachers.
Teachers need to have fun,too!! I mean, to enjoy it with students.Don't you think so:-D?
There were some Japanese students introduced by a vocational school,Japan electronics college and others were people who directly contacted us to join  the party.

I don't have a chance to talk to Japanese university students nowadays,
so I got a little nervous to have a chat with them.
During the party, we introduced ourselves first.
We did it in a unique way to make it fun.
The students wrote down three things about themselves and we put the paper on a whiteboard
to ask them who wrote which one.
It was so easy to find our students' ones, but Japanese students made it very difficult and fun.
'I'm D.J.' ' I'm working for a convenient store called Seven-Eleven.'
'I'm muscular.' 'I was hungover yesterday.'I'm a pretty university student.'
I couldn't stop laughing.
↑Sawako-san and Shoji-san mimicing D.J.

After introducing ourselves, we had games.
The gesture game was the funniest!
Photo  Marcel-san and Yuta-san were the best partners!
Photo Listnening to an instruction about a game.
Photo It may be just a game, but it's still important!!!
Photo Meri-san talking to our students
Photo Hi-san's gesture

Unhyung-san watching very closely

Shoji-san,Bogyeong-san,Ujjwal-san,Maiko-san,Sawako-san and Hi-san,congraturations!
Thank you for coming!
Our students have never talked such a lot with Japanese university students.
They seemed to have a lot of fun.
It was also good for them to keep talking in Japanese with someone apart from teachers.
I hope that we can have this kind of party regularly.
September 29th,2011

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