Thursday, February 3, 2011

A day-trip to Hakone

We went to Hakone as a part of our winter proglam.

I was worried about the weather,but fortunately it was fine.
Though we had someone who caught a cold and couldn't join us,
The teachers and students headed for Hakone from Shinjuku on ' Romance Car' ;it's a name of a train.
Personaly I feel a little embarrassed to tell you the name...

The train had seets which could be turned to make us facing each other.
I don't really like that type of the seat. It makes me feel nauseous and drowsy.

PhotoAfter the 'Romance Car', we got on 'Tozan densha' which means 'climbing mountain train' in Japanese.There were quite a few people on the train.


It was cold and couldn't expect the weather, so I just guessed there wouldn't be
many people going there. Well, apparently I was  wrong.
They might have thought in the same way as I did.
It took us 40 minutes to get to the station where we changed to a cable car to go further up.
Every one of them transfered to the car, so it was very crowded.
PhotoYou can see that from the picture^^;

After 20 minutes in that crowd, we finally...........! got on a ropeway;;;;;;;;;;;;;
But the scenery from the window was exellent. Our students were excited and looked fun,
but when I looked in the other direction, our principal was silently gazing somewhere else.
I asked him why and found out he was scared of hights.
 The students were very happy to see the view saying ' Wow,look! There is some snow on
 the mountain!' ' I've never seen snow before!!' ' We are so high up!' ' It's beautiful!' and so on.

There's a point where you can see Mt.Fuji on the way up, but unfortunately the top of the mountain
was covered by clouds and couldn't see well.
We could barely see the foot of it,and they were taking photos of it.
If I only could control the weather!

We had 'Tendon' Tenpura with rice, Ramen and Black egg,that was the name of the dish, for lunch.
Why do carry and ramen seem more delicious on the mountains? I don't know..
Photo Black eggs.

We took a picture in front of the place covered with volcanic smoke of Mt.Hakone.
 I brought a Sully hat to wear so that students wouldn't get lost.
Miss Kouan from Taiwan wore it. It looks so cute, isn't it?

After that, we got on a pirate ship, of course a fake one, though I guess I don't even need to mention it.
It was so comfortable that made them nod off.

Then, we went on a bus to head for a hotspring.
The ones who wanted to go to a hotspring left, and the rest of them just decided to
take a foot bath.

We chatted while looking at the great view.
I actually wanted to eat icecream,but couldn't find anywhere to buy.
We bought souveniors like rice crackers and sweet bun.
I picked up a toy for my nephew.


The train we took, Romance car, was a new model and made us drowsy right after we got on it.
Hope they will remember this day as  a good memory of an experience in Japan.

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