Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cultural experience-Tea ceremony and flower arrangement-

It's getting warmer here, but still a little chilly in the morning and at night.
Now, we have some students for 2 week winter proglam in Feb.
It's smaller group than the one in Janurary,but multinational and seems they are having fun.

We tried flower arrangement and tea ceremony today.
First, we studied flower arrangement from the basics.
They all could arrange flowers very well.
Kazaru 'decorate' ⇒ Add(or do) something a little so that the flowers look beautiful.
Ikeru 'arrange'⇒ Put the flowers and weeds in a vessel or something with water to enjoy them.


It seemed they were having difficulty with the arrangement,but still somehow they could manage to
make them look nice.
Photo Songa's work^^
PhotoJonathan's work^^
PhotoYuria's work^^
PhotoCookie's work^^

We had tulips, sweet peas, carnations and russet willows to use.
They made us feel the spring.
I put them at the reception desk and feel even the enviroment of our office got better.
They said thank you to us, but I'm the one who should say thank you^^

Next, we tried tea ceremony.
We learned how to sit and use the items together.
There are several ways to sit, and today we chose 'Seiza',sitting with one's legs bent beneath one.
Photo They drank the green tea and
Photo ate some Japanese sweets and
Photo tried making tea.

Ireru⇒Make tea, coffee and green tea.
Tateru⇒Make tea with green tea powder.

It seemed to be a little difficult for them to make it.
They kept looking at the teacher as if they don't know when to stop.
You need to stir until a lot of bubbles appear.
I guess their hands will be stiff after making it.

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