Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A party with Japanese students

The winter proglam for January has finished and the students went back to their own country.
We spent great time together for a month.
I guess there were some little problems since they are away from their hometown and their parents,
but hope there were a lot more fun things while staying in Japan.
It was snowy on the last day of the proglam and so cold to go out for sight-seeing.
We don't have much snow in Tokyo.They were lucky.. or unlucky. I don't know.

We had a party with Japanese students on 10th of Feb.
First of all, of course we need to introduce ourselves.
But they are shy , so we made it a little easy for them.
It was like a game.
They wrote their own specialty or feature on a sheet and
later our teacher asked questions like.. ' Who do you think bla bla is?'

'Who do you think a good cook is?'
'Who do you think watches baseball everyday?'
'Who do you think has a big dog?'
They just needed to guess just from their impression.
There was someone who could speak Chinese,
so we asked all of the students to say 'Ni Hao'.
We couldn't judge who it was from just a single simple word,though.

Who likes Miss Erika?
Everyone likes the teacher ,but who loves her?
PhotoThe answer is.....Miss Koan.
All of the Japanese students who joined the party thought it would be a male student,
but actually it was a girl. Girl students also can be in love with female teachers!
I mean, as a teacher and a student^^

And after that, we had some time for asking questions which our students had prepared for this day.

They asked how they think of food,dramas and other things from their own countries.
PhotoNot only about their countries, but also something about Japan,
like.. 'Do you like Akihabara?'

Photo  After that, they could introduce the others very well.
Photo We also played a game with Hiragana and Katakana.
The Japanese students read the words and the foreign students listened to them.
Only Jeesun from South Korea tried the reading part.
It seemed very difficult since there were 2 teams speaking loud at the same time.
Photo We could hear the students saying ' What did you say!?' from here and there.
Photo Jiwoo looks fun seeing the others being confused.
We also played Fruit Basket Turnover.
They were very excited.
It was such a relief that there was noone taking a class downstairs.
The loser had to hug Miss. Suzuki.
Well, you can't really call it 'a penalty',though^^;
Instead of fruit names, we played with the feature of the students, like ' someone who is~~'
There was only one male studnet and one teacher,but girls called 'someone who is a guy!' or
'Teacher!'...there was no choice for them.
When someone say 'Fruit Basket!', all of them have to move around and take other seats,
but everyone took the seat next to them..;; They should be sorry for the player in the center;;
Photo Fortunately noone got hurt, but there were a few accidents.
Photo Some bumped into each other and others sat on their friend's lap.
Shokin was in a hurry to find a seat,though it was only Japanese who had to move.
We all had a good time.
Jeesun and Teikun won the game.
Photo Congraturations!

And the one who lost the game was.......
Photo Shokin^^
They seemed to have fun interviewing Japanese students and playing games with them.

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